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The former royal Saxon capital of Dresden is now the birthplace of one of the most exciting new contemporary art porcelain projects in Europe. Professional pop-jazz singer, Lidia Valenta, has launched her first artistic porcelain collection, collaborating with one of Germany’s oldest porcelain factories, Dresdner Porzellan (DP), also known as SP Dresden (Sächsische Porzellan-Manufaktur Dresden GmbH).



Ms Valenta takes DP’s venerable classical porcelain forms and gives them an exciting modern twist. Founded in 1872, Dresdner Porzellan was for many decades one of the leading porcelain manufacturers in Europe.

``My goal is for high-quality decorative porcelain to once again hold a central position in contemporary interiors,’’ says Ms Valenta. ``This venerable craft is in danger of dying out, but I am convinced it has a glorious future if we apply modern ideas to classical forms.’’

Ms Valenta’s upbringing was international. She partly grew up in Prague, and later studied in Moscow and then the Baltic city of Kaliningrad. Dresden has been her home since 1997. Ms Valenta is an exceptional creative personality. Her upbringing in Europe and Russia exposed her to a wide variety of ideas and forged her versatile artistic talent. In the great tradition of Russian 19th century literature’s heroines, Ms Valenta is a sensitive woman with a formidable soul.

The famous Russian culture critic, Artem Wahrhaftig, says that her velvet voice is ``heavenly, something not of this Earth, instantly enchants the audience with its crystal clarity". She frequently sings in some of the leading concert halls in Russia and Europe, and is often featured on radio programs.

Ms Valenta took up porcelain as an art medium for several reasons. First, Dresden’s own Meissen Porcelain Manufacturer is the birthplace of porcelain in Europe. Second, she is truly concerned that the magnificent art of porcelain making is declining rapidly, and she strongly feels that it’s time to breath new life into it. And this is the main idea of the LIDIA VALENTA porcelain collection --- to return porcelain to its central place as an exceptional item of interiors and design. Porcelain can once again be a fashion that is all the rage, but it must be contemporary. There is no reason to repeat the motifs of past centuries.

Ms Valenta collaborates with the famous German artist, gallerist and impresario, Holger John. Together they choose the forms and the appropriate décor. Their collaboration has led to various exhibitions and become the talk of the town in Dresden, and has met with much media acclaim. With support from Dresdner Porzellan the biggest exhibition of the LIDIA VALENTA collection took place in October 2014 at the Holger John Gallery. This was one of the grandest events in Dresden that year. Now it’s time to take this project global.

In the middle of February, the collection made its international debut at the prestigious Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt. The fair exhibits the world’s leading consumer goods brands, and Ms Valenta’s porcelain collection was well received by both the professional and general audiences.

Ms Valenta’s art vases range in height from 38cm to 75cm and each has different names, carrying an idea to the audience. They intent to provoke, elicit amusement, or just to open one’s eyes wide with surprise.


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